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Studio for Ecoaesthetic Education
Salzburg University of Education

Growing Minds

SEED is planned as a cooperative project between Salzburg’s universities that aims to develop a teaching and research focus to provide students with knowledge and practical experience in the field of ecological aesthetics, initiate artistic projects and to have an impact on the public as well as serving international networking.

SEED will consist of three pillars:

The Garden Lab functions as an interdisciplinary learning environment and platform for artistic (research) projects. As a place of ecological education, the Garden Lab raises awareness of human-environment relations, climate-conscious action, and the sustainable use of resources. In social terms, the focus is on the experience of self-efficacy in joint planning, implementation, and maintenance. As an artistically designed space, the garden conveys an elementary aesthetic in which conceptual work, bodily practice, and sensual experience are combined. Orientation for the establishment of the Garden Lab is provided by comparable initiatives at European art colleges with which partnerships are being sought: for example, the Art Research Garden at Goldsmiths’ College London or the garden of the Center for Arts and Ecology at the Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague.

A public lecture and workshop series, to which international guests are invited, presents annually changing focus themes and concentrates on the interrelationships of art and ecology, sustainability, climate, natural aesthetics, urbanism, architecture, material science, and other relevant fields.

A teaching programme on ecological-aesthetic topics is to expand the curricula of the participating universities. Existing competences are to be used and events opened up to students from all institutions.

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Prof. Christian Hartard PhD
Studio for Ecoaesthetic Education           
Salzburg University of Education
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